Community and Charity Initiatives

Work is just one aspect of our lives. At PDT we recognise that our staff want to give back to the community and help with matters that are important to them.

A benefit of PDT’s success is that it allows us provide our staff the time and support that they need to be involved in community and charity initiatives that they are passionate about, be that a charity that has impacted them on a personal level or wider community and social issues such as helping local schools or environmental and conservation initiatives. Led by our staff we now undertake a number of activities that truly make a difference in the lives of those who work for us, with us and also the wider community.  


Supporting charities and the community

Each year the firm supports a main charity, which this year is Transplant Sport who hope to raise more awareness here in the UK and globally, of the need for more people to sign on to the Organ Donor Register and discuss their wishes with family and friends.
We organise regular fundraising events in aid of both our charity of the year and also other local and national charities. We take part in national events such as Macmillan Coffee Morning and Children in Need.


Minimising environmental impact

We are committed to minimising the impact of our business on the environment.  We are continually reviewing our business practices, identifying areas for improvement and making changes where necessary.
Where possible we use electronic forms of communication to minimise the amount of paper we use and we recycle as much paper as possible. We encourage our staff to use public transport whenever possible. We also offer the Cycle to Work scheme to our employees.

PDT approach to helping, giving and supporting 


At PDT we are committed to supporting each other in the work we do. We care about the environment in which we work and the impact that we have as a business on the wider community. Our core commitments include a commitment to looking after each other and those around us. This means recognising that being in business is not just about building a commercially successful law firm, but also about allowing everyone who works for us the opportunity to give and help in a way they want.  


As a firm we are committed to develop and promote the firms values and culture, not just by sharing these with others but talking about and most of all living it.  To find out more about our approach to helping, giving and supporting please click here to download our full Corporate Social Responsibility Policy



PDT Charity and Community Initiatives

We meet quarterly to discuss community initiatives we could be involved in. Examples of activities we are doing or planning to do are: 
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bikeride_316   reading_316   animal_316

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