IT & Innovation

The PDT IT & Innovation forum meet monthly to ensure that we make the best use of the technology we have, are promoting IT security and support staff to increase awareness and are investigating new technology and anticipating how PDT will utilise IT in the future.



We ask ourselves:


  • What technology/software do we already have that we are not using/utilising? How could we use this better?
  • What technology would save us time and improve our offering?
  • What systems are other firms using that improve customer experience?
  • What will our clients expect from our service offering in 5/10yrs time?
  • How will our staff expect to work for us in 5/10yrs time?
  • What is the future of IT in law firms? How will that impact our offering?



Our role is to: 


  • Ensure we are getting the most out of the technology we already have
  • Discover skills gaps in our technology usage
  • Investigate new technology and anticipating how a client will interact with PDT in the future
  • Suggest how we can use technology to provide a new / dynamic service offering to our clients
  • Help to implement new hardware/ software throughout the firm
  • Ensure we have the infrastructure in place as PDT grows and evolves



We aim to improve by: 


  • Reviewing how we need to evolve and innovate and use IT to maintain and improve the PDT Experience
  • How IT can help us move towards a paper light office
  • Streamlining and ensuring there is a consistent use of technology / IT throughout the firm
  • Promoting IT security and support staff to increase awareness
  • Considering the effectiveness, scalability and future of the systems we currently use to deliver our services
  • Highlight ways in which we can get more out of our current systems
  • Understanding which of our systems/processes are at most risk of becoming redundant/ below customer expectations in the next 5-10yrs and finding solutions before we need them



How can I get involved?


The IT & Innovation Forum is open to all members of staff with an interest in IT and new technologies. Contact Sarah Longman for more information. 

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