PDT Mental Health First Aiders

Like physical health, we all have mental health. Mental health is best thought of as a sliding scale and at any time it can be good, poor or anything in between.


At PDT we have in place a mental health and wellbeing plan. As part of this we have a group of Mental Health First Aiders (MHFA) who have undertaken specific training and are available to confidentially support staff on mental health issues.  



PDT Mental Health First Aiders (MHFA):


One in four of us will experience a mental health challenge in any given year. The legal profession is regularly surveyed as having some of the highest levels of stress and poor mental health, and, is accepted as having historic and systemic barriers re acknowledging and dealing with this. 


At PDT, the MHFA also lead the Mental Health and Wellbeing Group to encourage a healthy approach to work/life balance and provide up to date information surrounding mental health awareness.


The aim of the MHFA team is to ensure that PDT:


  • has in place good mental health and wellbeing measures;
  • facilitates and encourages a culture of awareness, understanding and lack of stigma; and
  • encourages open conversations and provides support/signposting to support.



What the PDT MHFA team do:


  • Offer initial support through non-judgemental listening and guidance;
  • Start a supportive conversation with a colleague who may be experiencing a mental health issue or emotional distress;
  • Spot signs/symptoms of poor mental health habits;
  • Perform early intervention/sign posting (for example, encouraging the person to access appropriate professional support or self-help strategies);
  • Maintain confidentiality and ensure the safety of staff;
  • Escalate to the appropriate emergency services, if necessary; and
  • Assist in implementing applicable solutions throughout the firm.



The Role of all PDT Staff


Mental health and wellbeing affects all of us. We encourage all staff members to commit to the following:


  • Understand the role MHFA play in the workplace;
  • Understand the role we all play as part of the PDT experience;
  • Attend all training that is provided (whether internal or external);
  • Display active listening skills with all members of staff;
  • Be non-judgemental towards all members of staff and their needs; and
  • Make use of the MHFA if you want to talk and encourage others to make use of the MHFA if you are worried about a colleague.


Overarchingly, we want to ensure that our workplace culture reflects what we are trying to achieve: increasing awareness and understanding of mental health and wellbeing matters, tackling stigma and ensuring that everyone at PDT is aware of and feels able to get support and information.



If you want further infomation on our MHFA team and the work we do please contact us here

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