Inclusivity, Diversity & Equality

We’ll be honest. When it comes to inclusion, diversity and equality we don’t believe that the legal profession as a whole is ahead of the curve. At PDT, we work really hard to try to create a fair and inclusive workplace. This includes acknowledging that there is always more we can do. 



Inclusivity, Diversity & Equality is core to our culture


We want to be part of an open and supportive sector and society but, to do so, we know that we need to look at ourselves first.  After all, change begins at home – or, for us, our workplace.


We are committed to always:


  1. Listening;


  1. Acting with integrity and transparency;


  1. Asking ourselves if there’s something else we can do; and


  1. Making sure that what we say is reflected in what we do.


To ensure we carry through on these commitments we have set up a Team for Inclusivity, Diversity and Equality (“TIDE”). TIDE has a clear remit: it will (1) address these matters at PDT and keep them on the firm’s agenda (2) help shape a positive and effective inclusion, diversity and equality strategy and (3) do its part to ensure a working environment where everyone feels safe, supported and able to be themselves. 


Above all, we pledge to be open and honest, to provide a platform where everyone feels able to share their views and to ask ourselves the difficult questions.


We want to work with people who feel the same way: as colleagues, as clients and as part of our wider network.


How we operate


TIDE doesn’t operate in isolation. PDT has many groups including Women in Law, Mental Health & Wellbeing (run by our qualified Mental Health First Aiders), Helping, Supporting and Giving (for charitable and social initiatives) and Each One to Teach One (our internal mentoring programme).


Our central HUB (Experience, Spirit and Culture) ensures an integrated, consistent approach so that what we do is reflected in all areas of the firm.

What we’ve done and what we’re doing


So, we’ve talked the talk – but are we walking the walk? Here’s what we’ve done so far and what we will be doing in the next 12 months:


  1. Making a Stand: we’ve always been willing to have the conversation and share our experiences. Our Knowledge Hub has a number of thought pieces ranging from co-ordinating a response from law firms across Sussex about racism, to challenging gender bias, to sharing our lockdown experiences.


  1. Action Group: we formed TIDE. TIDE is responsible for inclusion, diversity and equality matters and keeping them on PDT’s agenda. We will inform and drive the firm’s approach and provide a platform for all staff to discuss matters and share their thoughts and ideas. 


  1. Firm Processes and Policies: we are ensuring that our firm policies are open, transparent and reflect an environment in which people can be themselves.


  1. Mental Health and Wellbeing: we continue to put mental health and wellbeing high on the agenda. We have introduced qualified Mental Health First Aiders. Above all, we are creating an environment where people feel safe and confident to seek help and support.


  1. Everyone is part of TIDE: we want everyone at PDT to get involved, have their say and help shape what we do.


  1. Recruitment: we recognise that recruitment is an area where there is the opportunity for us to do more. We are ensuring that our recruitment processes remain accessible and inclusive for all, and, reflect the various roles within a law firm and the different routes into law.


  1. Training: we’re making it personal. We will help all staff to have a clear awareness and understanding of inclusion, diversity and equality matters including by undertaking training. This is really important to us and we are asking everyone at PDT to make an individual commitment to this.



The latest diversity statistics for PDT Solicitors are available here.

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