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I wanted to take the time to talk a bit about PDT and our way of doing things which we think makes us different from other law firms.


We work hard at getting things right, not just with the services we provide our clients but also with our staff who deliver these. We want PDT to be a positive experience whether you are a client, potential client, another professional interacting with the firm or those working for us.


We are committed to the development of an excellence in service delivery, the growth of genuine sector expertise and the creation of a working environment that supports, encourages and inspires.


We are a firm built on two core principles: to deliver clear, strong commercial advice and to nurture genuine and supportive relationships with our clients and staff. We work hard. We take time to listen. We become your soundboard. We are ready for all of the opportunities and challenges you face.


Take time to scroll through the site. Talk to us. Give us an opportunity to demonstrate what we can do.




James Clewlow, Managing Partner 


We are so much more than just our legal services


We listen. We care. We support

Our aim is to look after you and provide confident, conscientious advice.


We act swiftly, without fuss

We provide speedy, practical, no fuss services within a sensible structured fee proposal.


We are experienced and considered

We consistently work on high quality, complex work and deliver measured, clear and relevant solutions.


We have a strong eye for business

We look to advise not just on legal aspects but the commercial factors that impact your business.


We select our lawyers carefully

We work hard at developing and supporting all our lawyers to help them develop confidence in the services they provide.


We are there when you need us

We work with you to get the transaction done and to support you in your business objectives.


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