Employment Pricing Guide and Process

To help clients we have set out some information regarding funding options and the likely fees you will incur for a wrongful dismissal and/or unfair dismissal claim in the Employment Tribunal. It does not cover any other type of claim.

In terms of process the general steps are set out underneath.


Funding Options


We have various funding options, so you can consider what is best for you. We will discuss these with you at the outset.


Available funding options may include:

  • Charges based on the applicable hourly rate and time spent model.
  • Fixed fees.
  • Damages based agreements (i.e. a “no win no fee”) – in a nutshell only 35% is payable for any recovery (including VAT) in addition to any agreed expenditure for an Employment Tribunal dispute. 
  • Legal expenses cover subject to our agreement with your insurer’s terms.


Unfair and/or Wrongful Dismissal Claim Costs



 Complexity of Claim(s)*



Likely Cost Plus VAT

Including Any Disbursements






£2,000 plus VAT to £6,000 plus VAT





£5,000 plus VAT to £12,000 plus VAT






£8,000 plus VAT to £60,000 plus VAT



*Note: in the majority of cases, costs tend to fall within the small or medium bracket.


Our estimated costs are based on a variety of factors and we would inform you which bracket applies to you.  Factors include:

  • Amendments to any ET1/ET3 
  • Any request for additional information or reply
  • Parties involved
  • Whether a party is a litigant in person
  • The stance taken by a party – some exchanges can lead to protracted dialogue
  • Jurisdictional issues (e.g. employment status and time limits)
  • Type of claim (e.g. whistleblowing)
  • Number of documents relating to the dispute
  • Whether any expert evidence is required
  • Whether any barrister’s input is necessary
  • Length of hearing
  • Number of witnesses called by the parties
  • Other hearings that may be necessary such as in relation to the management of the case generally



General Employment Tribunal Stages





If you wish to discuss further anything outlined above please contact Bhavna Patel


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