Each One To Teach One - The PDT Mentoring Framework

Each One to Teach One is a voluntary mentoring framework for all staff at PDT, whose aims are to provide an opportunity for people to form mentoring partnerships, share helpful and useful resources and provide support to everyone who is a mentor or mentee.



How does Each One To Teach One feed into PDT’s culture?


We all know PDT’s commitments. As a firm, we are committed to:


  • The success of the firm and the success of each other;
  • The brave and bold developments of sector specialisms;
  • Creating a culture that is supportive, collaborative and inclusive of all; 
  • Looking after each other and supporting each other in the work that we do; and
  • The delivery of excellence in the clients’ experience.

The mentoring framework builds on these commitments which we make to ourselves and each other. We want to provide the opportunity, for every single person at PDT (if and when it is right for them to do so), to have support, be able to develop and to keep enjoying and feeling fulfilled in what they do.


Who can get involved?

Each One To Teach One is for everyone who would like to be a part of it. It is completely voluntary and there is no pressure to join. You can take part as a mentor and/or a mentee.

We believe that everyone (1) has something to learn or benefit from others and (2) has valuable experiences, expertise and support to offer to others.

The mentoring framework will always be available to you. If you don’t take part now you can always do so in the future. We do not expect everyone to get involved straight away: it is an opportunity, not an obligation, and when that ‘opportunity’ is right for you (as a mentee or mentor) will vary for everyone – it may be now, in six months’ time, or later.


What is the benefit of mentoring?


A good mentoring partnership has many benefits – the specifics of which will vary depending on the nature, scope and objectives of a particular partnership. This can include:


  • The opportunity to develop skills, effectiveness and/or confidence;
  • To learn something new, to reach a specific goal or for long term development;
  • To identify (or help others identify) challenges, resources, strengths, opportunities and solutions;
  • To take control of our own learning, development and experiences;
  • To pass on our existing experiences, expertise and knowledge; and/or
  • To provide support, perspective and guidance (including as a ‘sounding board’).

This is not an exhaustive list! That said, we hope it illustrates just how broad these partnerships can be and a few of the ways they can help ourselves and each other.




What will these partnerships need to do and are there rules?


The mentoring partnerships are not ‘one size fits all’.

Every partnership will be individual. Each one is about the mentee’s objectives and what works for both of you. The scope, nature and objectives of each partnership will be different.

You have the freedom and flexibility to drive this partnership. If your partnership is different to someone else’s, and has a different approach or objectives, that is fine!

There are, however, some basic expectations and commitments we expect from everyone who participates in the mentoring framework. We ask you to:


  • Keep matters confidential. This is a serious face moment: confidentiality is not optional;
  • Remember that it’s about what the mentee wants to learn (not simply what the mentor wants to teach);
  • Be open minded (and honest);
  • Be willing to give your time and engagement. Be present;
  • Be positive, motivated and committed; and
  • Be accountable and willing to follow through.


How can I get involved?

Anyone can put themselves forward to be a mentor and/or mentee at any time. We don’t expect everyone to feel the need, or have the time, to take this on straight away (and you may join/step back at various stages in the longer term).

All you need to do is fill out the simple form which will be sent to you by email. You can also find it on the Teams Each One To Teach One channel.

We want to make the process as simple as possible but some details are helpful so we can make the best match for you. It’s not a test (or an essay!) but it is a good opportunity for you to think about exactly what you can offer and/or are looking for in a mentoring partnership. Some questions ask for information about you. Please feel free to give as much or as little information as you want – it just helps us to get the right match.

If there’s a partnership that’s right for you, once you’ve been matched, it’s up to you and your mentoring partner to move this forward! It’s up to you two to define your particular partnership and make it a success.

In addition, schedule time to see your mentor/mentee. Agree how regularly you will meet (this might change over time and as needs/situations vary). On top of that, mentees should always be able to approach their mentor outside of scheduled meetings: don’t store your concerns up!

All of the above applies to both mentors and mentees. It is a partnership: both roles will bring something to the table. Mentees in particular should retain self responsibility but the partnership as a whole should be interactive and reciprocal.

Who do we contact for anything Each One To Teach One related?


For anything to do with the mentoring framework you can get in touch with the Each One To Teach One facilitators – Laura McMaster and Lindsay Ryan.

We’re on hand for anything from a straightforward question, to explaining something before you decide to fill out the form, to providing support and assistance to you as mentees and mentors.

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