Chehraz Fox - Day 5 of the 12 days of PDT Christmas

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Chehraz Fox - Day 5 of the 12 days of PDT Christmas

Published: 14 December 2021

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For our Day 5, Chehraz Fox, Senior Associate in our Real Estate department shares her experiences coming back from maternity leave in 2021 to a new way of working and how she plans to support our clients in 2022. 

What is your role at PDT?  and what changes has 2021 brought you and your career?


I am a Senior Associate in the Real Estate Team. I help our clients with general property transactions such as buying, selling and leasing commercial property; any property matters for our healthcare clients when buying/selling a pharmacy or dental practice; and I also act for a charity bank dealing with secured lending against property. I work with my clients interests in mind and take pride in the strong relationships I have built. Every client is different, and I adapt to suit.



What changes has 2021 brought you / your industry and your career?


2021 has been both a challenging yet rewarding year for me. I returned from maternity leave in January and it’s safe to say the working world as I knew it and left in 2019 was hugely different. I have changed the way I work (minimal paper now!) and used electronic means more and more to connect with clients when face to face meetings have not been possible.


I think the impact of COVID 19 (in addition of course to our gratitude for health) has changed the way we work with others. I find people are more accommodating, reasonable and understanding. Working this way is a positive step and has helped us push deals forward and achieve results for our clients.


Despite the turbulent year, we have rallied together as a firm and within our department, supported and nurtured each other and our clients and carried on with business as usual. I am lucky to be surrounded by kind and supportive colleagues and clients and led by inspiring mentors and a strong partnership team at PDT.



If Santa could bring you one gift that would help or improve your working life what would that be?


A Pret A Manger in our building!



What are you looking forward to the most this Christmas?


Giving my two children (5 and 2) my undivided attention!



What is the most bizarre Christmas present you have ever received/ given?


Last year, after hours of searching and bidding on eBay, I bought my sister a discontinued Waitrose hessian shopping bag (way overpriced) only to find Horsham Waitrose practically giving them away a week later. It was actually something she had been after for a while!



In a Christmas fantasy land, who would be the famous figures (past or present), at your dinner table and why?


Margaret Atwood- The Handmaid’s Tale, need I say more?

Kim Kardashian- to talk about business and our Persian heritage 

David Beckham- to teach me the offside rule (sorry husband, I still don’t get it)

Elton John - on the piano for the musical ambiance

Michael McIntyre- so we can laugh together at the slings and arrows of parenting



What do you think 2022 will bring for you, your career and relationship with PDT going forward?


I am excited for 2022 and will continue to develop my sector specialisms. We’ve just moved into a new and glorious office space within our building which is great. Within the healthcare team, to provide more resources to clients at the start of their business ventures. In the secured lending work, we are already looking ahead with a few new deals which is great. I am looking forward to continuing supporting my clients, my colleagues and achieving some personal career goals.



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