Craig Burton - Day 7 of the 12 days of PDT Christmas

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Craig Burton - Day 7 of the 12 days of PDT Christmas

Published: 16 December 2021

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On Day 7, Craig Burton, Partner in our Real Estate team shares how 2021 has changed the landlord and tenant sector, some tips on effective Christmas present giving and a couple of particularly bad cracker jokes..

What is your role at PDT?  


I have been at PDT since 2006, originally joining as a trainee and qualifying into the real estate team in 2008. During my time at PDT, I have progressed through roles to become a Partner specialising in and heading up the landlord and tenant team, as well as dealing with commercial acquisitions and disposals and advising administrators and liquidators on property insolvency matters. I try to be calm and approachable and to involve the clients in the process, working through both legal and commercial considerations to achieve the best possible outcome for the client.



What changes has 2021 brought you / your industry and your career?


This year has been challenging across all sectors and commercial property is no different. Whilst the level of work has not been impacted significantly, we have needed to adapt and improvise to ensure deals remain on track and keep pace with the twists and turns of the pandemic and working / trading restrictions. We have also seen a positive shift in working patterns and agile/remote working, and the use of technology in order to communicate better with clients. The pandemic has also raised questions on certain elements of negotiation and drafting of lease documentation which has been both interesting and thought provoking.


2021 has also bought challenges with regards to juggling home schooling and parental responsibilities, but with the ultimate reward of additional time with the children and family, which has been lovely.



If Santa could bring you one gift that would help or improve your working life what would that be?


Time freezer – I always seem to be working flat out so time to make a cup of tea would be nice!



What are you looking forward to the most this Christmas? / What is your favourite Christmas memory?


This year I am most looking forward to spending time with my girls (aged 4, 7 and 9) and wider family. We are hosting so looking forward to a full house and lots of happy, smiling faces (and no covid).


My favourite Christmas memory is that I was always tasked with handing out the presents from under the tree, needless to say I found all mine first.



What is the most bizarre Christmas present you have ever received/ given?


Not bizarre but I did propose to my now wife on Christmas day, which was a bonus as she said yes and it saved me buying her a Christmas present that year. Everyone’s a winner!



What’s the best or worst cracker joke you’ve ever heard?


Why does Santa have three gardens?... so he can Ho Ho Ho

Why is it harder than ever to buy advent calendars? Because their days are numbered

Mary and Joseph…now they had a stable relationship!



In a Christmas fantasy land, who would be the famous figures (past or present), at your dinner table and why?


Igor Stimac (Derby County legend)

Santa (as its Christmas)

Will Ferrell (comedy genius and in keeping with the Christmas theme – Elf)

Ed Sheeran (seems a good all-round egg)

If possible and space permitting the entire cast of Neighbours c1990-2000 (best TV show ever, hands down!) 



What do you think 2022 will bring for you, your career and relationship with PDT going forward?


Early indications for 2022 (ignoring Omicron) are very positive with activity levels continuing to increase and agents optimistic as regards to the number and size of deals to be done. At PDT we are hoping to continue to develop the property team and to expand on the good work and relationships we have with both local and wider businesses and agents.


Internally at PDT we continue to invest and commit time to fostering a supportive, inclusive and collaborative culture, working together as a team to create the best possible work environment for our people and to deliver results for our clients across all departments.



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