Jodie Stainer - Day 3 of the 12 days of PDT Christmas

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Jodie Stainer - Day 3 of the 12 days of PDT Christmas

Published: 10 December 2021

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For our Day 3 of our Knowing Me, Knowing Yule advent calendar, Laura Sutton, Senior Associate in our Asset Based Lending and Invoice Finance Team spoke to Jodie Stainer, Relationship Manager – Financial Restructuring and Recovery (FR&R) at ABN AMRO Asset Based Finance about business in 2021, her favourite Christmas memories and fantasy Christmas dinner party guests. 

How have you worked with PDT this year?  And what has that experience been like?


We have remained in regular contact with PDT this year and although the level of work has been lower due to the current climate, the team are still working on various historic matters for us and are always available to lend an ear and advise, which is invaluable to us as a team. As we approach 2022, we are all preparing for much busier times and no doubt our workflow with PDT will increase as we require assistance from both Will and Dawn’s teams again.


ABN AMRO, especially the FR&R team have had a great working relationship with PDT for many years and the experience is always positive, they understand our documents inside out and respond to our requests very quickly and professionally, which is important as we need to be able to act fast in so many situations to ensure the best outcome for all involved. PDT have a great understanding of how we operate as a team and of ABN AMRO’s ways of working with our clients.



What changes has 2021 brought you, your industry and/or your career?


2021 has been a strange year, but for me personally, I am very fortunate and not too much has changed, my life carries on pretty much as normal. It is fair to say that our industry has certainly been quieter in many ways although very challenging in others. With businesses receiving support throughout the crisis with the various government backed schemes, within FR&R we have seen less insolvency and restructuring work than normal and have been more of a sounding board for our clients, assisting them through the crisis as best we can. ABN AMRO reacted very quickly to the changing times and were able to adapt well for both staff and clients which has been positive to see. 2020 and 2021 have certainly taught me to be more adaptable and this has assisted me in my day job as I often must be ready for anything that day may throws my way.



If Santa could bring you one gift that would help or improve your working life what would that be?


Well, that is a loaded question… There are so many things I could say here that could easily get me into trouble. I will play it safe and ask Santa for an assistant



What are you looking forward to the most this Christmas? / What’s your favourite Christmas memory?


For me Christmas is all about spending time with family and friends - I come from a big family and we are very close. Christmas has always been the time we all take a step back from work and spend as much time as possible together, eating, drinking, and playing board games together, old fashioned I know… but I am knocking on a bit now.


I don’t think I can choose one memory as my favourite; I have great memories of my childhood Christmases playing with new toys and the magic of Santa, etc. and I always tried to replicate those memories when my two were young. Kids and Christmas are just a perfect mix! Having said that now, my two are older and we are making new kinds of Christmas memories, less toys and more music and socialising, and they are just as precious in different ways.



What is the most bizarre Christmas present you have ever received/ given?


Ha ha ha... Well, there have been some “unsavoury” Secret Santa gifts among the weird and the wonderful.


I think the most bizarre present I have ever received was a Nat King Cole Vinyl album from my elderly aunt when I was about 10 years old, I didn’t have a record player and had no idea who he was. Bless her! If I remember rightly, I just politely said thank you, the rest of the family found it hilarious, I was just confused.



What’s the best or worst cracker joke you’ve ever heard? ?


Best (at a push) - What does Miley Cyrus have at Christmas? – Twerky (sorry it’s still awful!)

Worst - What did Santa do when he went speed dating? – He pulled a Cracker



In a Christmas fantasy land, who would be the famous figures (past or present), at your dinner table and why?


So many to choose from… This is really hard!!! I would want at least one musician, probably Pink as she is such a powerful female role model in my eyes, as well as a great singer (bit of entertainment if she were to lead the Karaoke) and she seems like she would be a great laugh on a night out. One comedian… The great late Sean Lock would be my first choice, being from Brighton myself, he was a bit of a local legend who is greatly missed and always made me laugh out loud. And one historic figure, I would go for Rosa Parks, the courageous civil rights activist. I would love to get her view on how things have improved and how much more we still have to do. She had a unique, calm and peaceful way of getting things done, her opinion on how things are going now would be very interesting I think. On a lighter note, I also think she would let her hair down and be a great party guest in the right company!  And Jerry Thomas “Professor”, the Godfather of cocktails… Someone needs to keep the drinks flowing after all.



Any New Year’s resolutions?


This answer is very cliché, but it is true. Many years ago I made a New Year’s resolution to never make any more New Year’s resolutions, as they just led to me being disappointed in myself for not achieving them, and this is the only one I have ever stuck to. 



What do you think 2022 will bring for you, your career and relationship with PDT going forward?


As per the last question I avoid making predictions about myself including my career. Life will take me where it takes me, who knows what’s around the corner. I enjoy my job and have been doing it for many years, I have no plans on that changing in 2022. Our relationship with PDT will no doubt continue as it always has, we work well together, and I think 2022 could well prove to be a very busy time in our section of the industry. I am looking forward to working with all of my contacts at PDT more again throughout next year and beyond. We face some very interesting times ahead and the prospect of solving new problems in a new landscape is kind of exciting. I am confident that PDT are up to the challenge.



Thank you Jodie, we look forward to working with you further in 2022



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