National Inclusion Week 2022 – The Power of Now

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National Inclusion Week 2022 – The Power of Now

Published: 29 October 2022

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26th September to 2nd October saw 2022’s National Inclusion Week. An annual celebration of togetherness, National Inclusion Week highlights the importance of inclusive practices in the workplace and aims to educate everyone in the journey to equality for all.

Over the past twelve months, PDT has been working on creating a more inclusive environment for all. In April 2021, we created the Team for Inclusivity, Diversity and Equality (TIDE). With the creation of TIDE, we have a group whose sole purpose is to look honestly at the culture within our firm, as well as the culture within the wider legal sector.


TIDE have made the pledge to be open and honest in providing a platform where everyone at PDT feels able to share their views and to ask the difficult questions. They identified that simply talking about culture and values wasn’t enough, and active steps need to be taken to encourage all members of staff to understand the importance of inclusive behaviour.


Knowledge is Power


A large part of the TIDE commitments at PDT is to encourage inclusion through knowledge. As we all know, knowledge is power and using learning to consistently build your skills and expertise is essential when creating an inclusive environment for all.


With this idea at the forefront, TIDE set out to arrange internal Diversity & Inclusion training for all staff. The first two of our workshops have now taken place, and we have received extremely positive feedback from staff:


“Insightful, revealing and educational. The training was thoroughly helpful in broadening my awareness of the many diverse attributes every individual might have and how understanding and respecting these differences can lead to greater performance and team camaraderie in the workplace.”


The TIDE training was engaging and thought provoking, it was great to recognise the things that our firm already does to create an inclusive workplace but it was really helpful to learn about diversity and inclusion issues and how I can play a part in overcoming these.”


Keeping the Momentum


It is essential to TIDE that everyone feels encouraged to keep the conversation going when it comes to diversity and inclusion. TIDE has pledged to be open and honest and provide a platform where everyone feels able to share their views and to ask themselves the crucial questions. Following the TIDE training, a regular “open house” will be set up to provide all staff members with a consistent safe space to discuss diversity and inclusion in the workplace, together with ideas of how PDT can continue to effect change.


The ultimate goal for TIDE is to ensure that diversity and inclusion becomes intertwined with all aspects of PDT to create a working environment where everyone feels safe, supported and able to be themselves.


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