New Year, New Focus on the Healthcare Sector

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New Year, New Focus on the Healthcare Sector

Published: 03 February 2022

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Sometimes it’s good to stop and catch up with some of the key people in the Healthcare world. In a series of interviews PDT’s James Clewlow took the opportunity to catch up with key professionals in the Healthcare sector and starts by linking up with Jennifer Scott on her promotion to national Head of Healthcare at the Lloyds Bank to discuss what she sees as key factors for the sector in the coming year.

James: Firstly Jen – lovely to see you, and congratulations on your new role, can you give background on the thinking behind it?

Jen: Thanks James.  As you know, Lloyds has a long standing reputation working with professionals and intermediaries, particularly in the healthcare sector.  However we know that these professionals often have a national profile, and so we’ve aligned our intermediary proposition to mirror this – ensuring that they have specialist sector support, working with them throughout the country wherever they are. 
In particular for us working in healthcare, it’s a great opportunity to strengthen our support in this key sector with a dedicated national healthcare team.  It’s an ever changing sector, so one joined up team allows us to better stay abreast of the changing landscapes and demands that our clients face.



James: The Healthcare sector has featured heavily in the last two years with pharmacists in particular being at the front end of primary care service offering, and also care homes and dentistry having their own challenges. How do you think the sector has fared and what are the next challenges for 2022?
Jen: There is no doubt that the importance of the healthcare sector as a whole has been highlighted over the last couple of years.  We have seen the various sectors act with incredible reliance, both on a personal and financial level. 


Each year, we undertake a national survey known as the healthcare confidence index to establish how the pharmacy, dental and GP sectors feel about their respective sectors and this gives us a great insight into how our clients feel about their sectors and the future. For example, 72% of dentists surveyed and 65% of pharmacists surveyed said they expected profits to increase in the coming year, however we know that there are pressures on all healthcare services to deliver so we need to ensure as a bank that we understand our clients as much as possible to support them in the best way.  You can read the full survey via our website.

James: Lloyds has always held a dominant position in the sector, how do you see this developing? 

Jen:  You’re right James, and this new structure is very much about building on the great reputation and support that we have in the sector, to ensure that what we offer works going forward.  We know the market is growing and that clients and professionals value specialist support more than ever as they move through new challenges of delivery and sustainability. 

Our ambition is to continue to be the bank of choice for the healthcare sector, and to continue to evolve alongside it.  Working with experts such as yourselves is to key to ensuring that we can continue to support this sector, so this remains top of our priorities. 


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For more information on specialist banking services for the Healthcare sector you can contact Jennifer at Lloyds on:
For advice on buying, selling or refinancing your pharmacy or healthcare business please contact the PDT Solicitors Healthcare Team. Ranked as a leading firm 2022 by The Legal 500 for our Healthcare work, we are recognised as leading legal advisers in the industry and offer an integrated, one stop approach for numerous contractors and pharmacy operators, from single shop owners to independent multiples throughout the UK.

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