Pillbox Chemists & Health-Clinic deliver annual full health check MOT to PDT staff and inspire us all to do more

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Pillbox Chemists & Health-Clinic deliver annual full health check MOT to PDT staff and inspire us all to do more

Published: 20 December 2022

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For the third year and as part of our ongoing commitment to our staff and their health, we welcomed the health team from Pillbox Group & Health-Clinic, a longstanding client of PDT, to deliver an onsite health check to all our staff. This experience has highlighted the value of investing in our staff’s health and the importance of the services that pharmacies provide.

The ‘Corporate Health Checks’, which included a flu jab, full wellwoman or wellman blood analysis which included Kidney Function, Liver function, diabetes/cholesterol/ thyroid tests and vitamin d, blood pressure, and this year, a ‘Healthy Heart Check’ which included a heart rhythm trace and a full body composition scan, gave everyone the opportunity to have a physical MOT. The health check gave each member of staff a picture of their health and well-being with a full detailed report with recommendations and action plan to improve their wellbeing with a follow up pathway for staff to speak to a healthcare professional.  As I said last year, it is incredible that we spend less on our physical “MOTS” than we do on servicing our cars or our boiler and heating systems at home.  Looking after ourselves is really important at any time, but now it is even more important and pressing. 


Davinder Virdee, Pharmacist and Superintendent of PillBox Group, Gurdeep Kaur Nanra, Prescribing Clinical Pharmacist and Head of Pharmacy Services at PillBox Group, Paula Kobylinska and Daisy Foster from Pillbox Chemists Group spent a few days in our Covid secure onsite ‘clinic’ delivering the 30 min private appointments. Professional, friendly and caring, the feedback I received from staff was fantastic. The experience sparked important conversations focusing on everyone’s overall health and wellbeing and really helped generate a sense of togetherness in what is a health challenged time.


What was nice in the health check was the feedback that the supportive and welcoming culture of PDT was tangible and present in all their sessions, which is fantastic reassurance that we have a healthy firm culture and that we are doing the right things to create the best environment for our staff and all who come into contact with PDT.
Thank you to Davinder, Gurdeep, Paula and Daisy from Pillbox Group for their exceptional service throughout. To find out more about the health check you can contact Pillbox Group & Health-Clinic via Gurdeep Kaur Nanra,  Head of Group Pharmacy Services; email:  gknanra@pillboxchemists.co.uk  website:  www.health-clinic.co.uk   tel:  07825 913545.  This is something we would be doing again in future and I would urge other organisations to consider the value of delivering these necessary health benefits and insight to their staff.

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