Steve O’Halloran - Day 10 of the 12 days of PDT Christmas

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Steve O’Halloran - Day 10 of the 12 days of PDT Christmas

Published: 21 December 2021

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On day 10, Craig Burton, partner in our Real Estate team talks to Steve O'Halloran, Land Director at Reside Developments about planning issues in 2021 and a very special Christmas present he is due this year! 

How have you worked with PDT this year?  And what has that experience been like?


We have worked with PDT to secure promotion agreements in Slough and Walberton this year as well as disposals of one of our sites in Surrey, working with James and Jane has, as always, been a productive and collaborative approach.



What changes has 2021 brought you, your industry and/or your career?


Planning has become much more difficult with issues such as water neutrality in Sussex and nitrate neutrality in Hampshire causing significant delays to our business.



If Santa could bring you one gift that would help or improve your working life what would that be?


A solution to water neutrality!



What are you looking forward to the most this Christmas?


This year I’m most looking forward to the birth of my first child, who is due on Xmas Day!!



What is the most bizarre Christmas present you have ever received/ given?


Shoe polish!



What’s the best or worst cracker joke you’ve ever heard? ?


Why did nobody bid for Rudolph and Blitzen on eBay? They were two dear!



In a Christmas fantasy land, who would be the famous figures (past or present), at your dinner table and why?


Tiger Woods / Bruce Springsteen / Freddy Mercury / Maradona



Any New Year’s resolutions?


To do more exercise.. the same as every year!



What do you think 2022 will bring for you, your career and relationship with PDT going forward?


Hopefully more land deals, which in turn means more work with PDT.



Thank you Steve, we look forward to working with you further in 2022



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