The Total Refreshment Centre

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The Total Refreshment Centre

Published: 04 July 2022

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In the 1960s, when an advertising executive for Polo® mints was asked why the mint had a hole in the middle, they replied that it provided the “total refreshment centre”.  The phrase was used on polo sweet vending machines and then, more recently, has been adopted by a wonderful music venue and resource centre in London.


At PDT, as we continue to explore and develop our culture, we have used this phrase to describe what we are doing to refresh ourselves as we continually strive to improve what we call the PDT Experience and look to question and challenge traditional structures for professional services firms.


So, what are we doing and why is it important?  I have always acknowledged that whilst new opportunities have been created from enforced working from home, the office has remained an important element in the firm.  I often refer to it as the “mothership”, into which and from which ideas flow to help develop and further our culture and values. Our office enables us to come together and collaborate. As we explore new ways of working and delivering the PDT Experience, one of the things we have done is to look to engage staff from across the firm in the running of the practice.  We have created “The Hub”, a group which draws together people from across the firm to bring together and develop our ideas of improving on the PDT Experience.  It has produced a great sense of togetherness and engagement that is ensuring that the PDT culture continues to grow and blossom.  It has allowed for a genuine involvement of all staff in the running of the firm and in the shaping of what the PDT Experience will look like going forward. 


We believe “The Hub” has been a catalyst for what the 1960s advertising executive might have called the “total refreshment centre” and believe that it provides an opportunity for a different way of working in a professional service firm that allows everybody’s voice to be heard.

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