Director's Disqualification

Defend or minimise the effect of any proceedings brought against you

Director's disqualification is a complex and specialist area of the law, and you need expert legal advice to defend or minimise the effect of any proceedings brought against you. And, in some cases, to ensure that you can continue to act as a director.


We have over a decade of experience in this specialist area of law – much of which was gained acting on behalf of The Insolvency Service, investigating and bringing disqualification claims against directors.


As a result, our team of specialist lawyers have a real insight and full understanding of how The Insolvency Service decides which claims to bring and their approach to these cases. Which means we are expertly placed to defend you and protect your interests.


Amongst other things we advise on...


  • Responding to insolvency service enquiries
  • Defending disqualification proceedings
  • Negotiating disqualification undertakings
  • Obtaining permission to remain a director despite disqualification
  • Advising on breaches of disqualification orders
  • Responding to claims for compensation orders


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