Dispute Resolution

Resolve issues quickly and gain strategies to avoid future disputes

Disputes are an inevitable part of business life, but they're distracting, unproductive, expensive and a drain on time and energy. We provide clear, considered advice that focuses on the resolution not the dispute.


We have considerable experience dealing with a wide range of corporate and commercial disputes, including:


  • Commercial contract disputes

Disputes arising out of commercial contractual relationships in the course of business.  We have experience of advising on a wide range of contractual situations between our clients and those they do business with, such as customers, suppliers, distributors, agents, franchisees and licensees.


  • Corporate transaction disputes

Disputes arising out of corporate transactions such as company sales, financing, joint venture agreements and shareholder agreements.


  • Professional negligence

Disputes against professionals who have failed to meet the standards expected of them in the services that have provided. 


  • Director and shareholder disputes

Disputes arising from the internal governance of companies and ownership issues, such as claims against directors, disputes shareholders may have between themselves and the company, and disputes between partners.


  • Banking and financial services

Disputes relating to banking, such as loan agreements, guarantees, consumer credit and other forms of financing, and other financial services such as insurance.



We have particular expertise in asset based lending and invoice financecontentious insolvency, and property disputes


Working alongside our debt recovery team, our commercial disputes team can assist you in collecting debt when the debt is disputed.


We can advise on the full spectrum of dispute resolution techniques, from negotiation to litigation, including alternative dispute resolution (ADR) methods such as mediation and arbitration. 



Is this dispute worth pursuing?


We'll help you assess the merits of a dispute. This can involve documentation reviews, considering business practices and the conduct of parties. We'll make suitable recommendations on each case, depending on the facts and circumstances.



What are your options and how long will it take?


We'll clearly set out your options in a dispute. These may include using the courts, legal processes, negotiating a settlement outside of formal legal proceedings or the use of ADR.



What does it cost?


The cost of dealing with a dispute depends on a number of factors such as the complexity and value of the claim.  Our objective is always to seek to achieve an early resolution and to do so cost-effectively, and we see court proceedings as a last resort. 


Our approach to pricing is flexible and we’re able to provide our services on the basis of various pricing models, such as fixed fees, hourly rates and conditional fees, depending on the situation. 


Although litigation is uncertain, our overall approach is to provide you with sufficient information to enable you to understand the likely level of costs and to avoid surprises. 



The Legal 500, 2023 ranked PDT as a Leading Firm for Dispute Resolution and Debt Recovery

The Legal 500 testimonials:

  •  “They stand out because of their willingness to go the extra mile.  Our reputation is linked to their ability to push through litigation in a timely fashion.”
  • “The Dispute Resolution team at PDT are very strong and commercially minded and have a knack for understanding what judges are looking for in terms of persuasive litigation.”
  • “They are big enough to offer bandwidth in expertise, small enough to maintain personal relationships.”


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