Intellectual Property

In a constantly developing area of law, we can help you understand the value of your intellectual property rights and develop a strategic portfolio. We can also help you assert your rights and defend your brand from copy-cats.

We understand that your brand is core to your business identity. You will have invested time, money and effort in developing your brand so that your services or products are distinct in the market place. You do not want anyone stealing your intellectual property. We can help you protect and assert your trademarks, copyright, designs and patents to strengthen and enhance your brand, and therefore the value of your business.


Our team combines years of private practice and industry experience with technical expertise to deliver tailored advice specific to your brand and budget.


We are well-versed in all aspects of intellectual property law, including:


  • Trademark clearance searches, filing and enforcement;
  • IP strategy development;
  • Copyright infringement;
  • Design rights filing and enforcement; and
  • Patents


We can help you plan for the protection of your intellectual property by providing advice and options for creating a comprehensive portfolio of registered and unregistered intellectual property rights.  We can help you protect and maximise the commercial value in your intellectual property with expert advice on licensing and royalty agreements. We can also help you leverage your intellectual property should you need to raise finance secured on the value of your portfolio of intellectual property rights.  And if you are selling your business or buying another, we will work in conjunction with our corporate transactional team and your other advisors to protect your confidential information and limit risk. 


If you would like to learn more about the intellectual property which you may have in your business, or would like to explore how your intellectual property can be protected, then please contact Ian Lindley to see how we can help you.


Recent experience


  • Preparing and negotiating an agreement for managed hosting services and bespoke software development for a major national non-profit organisation
  • Assisting numerous clients in formulating their trademark strategies and achieving trademark registrations in multiple jurisdictions
  • Helping our client get registered protection for their packaging and molded plastic products.
  • Advising companies and individuals facing trade mark infringement
  • Creating end-user licence agreements and reseller agreements for a start-up software company
  • Selling, assigning and transferring intellectual property rights
  • Helping businesses prevent unfair competition and the theft of their intellectual property


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