The HUB is a small group of members (6-8) from varying roles across PDT who meet on a bi-weekly basis to coordinate and support the various forum groups so that all the great ideas and initiatives discussed in the forums get put into practice. 


The image below shows how the HUB sits alongside the various forums:


Members of the HUB are rotating and selected on an annual basis. The HUB nurtures, inspires, encourages and supports ideas with three core objectives:


  • Maintain a co-ordinated one firm approach in all we do by:
    • connecting forums working on similar ideas
    • coordinating and exploring ideas from across PDT
    • ensuring we all work together to share ideas / initiatives and information
    • ensuring we are not spending time on the same thing / all solving the same problem


  • Ensure that ideas / implementation of ideas happen by:
    1. giving everyone the support and encouragement to put ideas into action
    2. celebrating individual and forum success by encouraging a culture of improvement
    3. championing ideas and driving action
    4. providing support and advice to turn ideas into action


  • Maintain momentum in respect of the development of the PDT culture and experience by:
    1. giving everyone a voice and channel for expressing ideas
    2. making the most of the talent we have in PDT  
    3. providing a clear communication channel for ideas and initiatives
    4. providing a simple process for decision making and approval to speed up improvements
    5. being aware of the actions from all the forums and sharing this with PDT



This innovative approach to firm improvement has been successful on several initiatives such a firm wide flexible working framework, career development path, equality and diversity training for all staff, externally trained PDT mental health first aiders and firmwide training and creation of a forum on the management of risk.

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